Kingdom Hearts 3 Review

Kingdom hearts 3 is going to be many peoples most anticipated title this year. The OG fans of this franchise have actually waited 13 years for this game. I myself had heard of kingdom hearts before but never had the chance to played one. Which I find a bit sad honestly.

As I was playing this game I felt lost in the story. Which of course makes sense as I am a newcomer to the series. I would suggest if you are in the same boat as me, never have had playing these games before. Maybe watch a youtube video going over the plots of the two prior games before jumping into this one.

When jumping into the game. I thought it was just going to be a straight up button masher. But was surprised by the depth of the combat. You could just run around and button mash the A button if you wanted to. But chaining your attacks and doing combos with your allies is a lot more beneficial in the long run. One thing to expect when playing this game is many, many long cutscenes. A lot of gamers like myself will love this. But for you gamers who just want to run around killing, beware of the cutscenes.

One major fault I have with this game, however, is the gameplay in general. This might just be my own tastes but, I felt like in general the gameplay was lacking. You run through a linear map fighting enemies for 10 minutes then you watch a cutscene for 5 minutes and possibly do a boss fight repeat, repeat, repeat. And to me, that is just kind of boring. I really wished that they would have added more variation to the gameplay in general.

Graphically speaking this game is great for the art style they were going for. I really didn’t see anything wrong with the game graphically. Each world you visit, whether it be Olympus or the toybox is designed beautifully and is very appropriate with the theme to each world. And the cutscenes are amazingly done.

But where I would say this game really shines is with the voice acting and music. This might just be one of the very first games I buy the soundtrack to. The voice acting is done very well as well. Out of all the characters, my favorite by far would have to be Donald Duck. Whenever he would say anything I just found my self laughing. And some of the lines of dialogue are a bit corny. But in the end, the delivery is fantastic from the voice actors.

As far as the story goes. I really can’t say. I was a bit lost in it all. Maybe if I would have played the other games I would have a better understanding of what’s going on. But in general, it would seem that the overall story is that the main character Sora has lost his powers and need to regain them to stop the villains from taking over the world. In general, from what I have grasped so far from the story it is a bit weak in my opinion.

With a game rating of E for everyone, this game would be perfect for gamers of all ages. I think people who have a deep love for Disney and all of the different universes like Pirates of the Carribean, frozen and toy story would find it hard not to love this game.

As for replay value, it should take most gamers about 30 hours to complete this game. and as this game has a very linear storyline I don’t see many beside the hardcore fans jumping in for another playthrough.

But ultimately you will have to decide for yourself if this game is worth your hardearned money, and hopefully this Review has helped you out.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Review

A gorgeous world with amazing music and voice acting, but a confusing story for newcomers to the series.

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