Void Bastards Review

Void Bastards takes place in a far away future. The prisoner ship called Void Arc has recently entered the sargasso nebula and is unable to escape. To fix this situation and following protocol, the onboard AI called BACS begins to use the ship’s prisoners to venture out to scavege for different items to fix the ship and escape the nebula. Overall the game’s story is fairly interesting and quite funny at points. But this games main focus seems to be put more on to the gameplay and graphics rather than a large story.

Void Bastards combines both first-person shooter and strategy game elements together. The gameplay mostly consists of you traveling around the nebula looking for certain parts and resources to stay alive, craft better items and to forward the story.

Once you find a ship you want to dock. The game loads you into a first person view, that allows you to travel around the ship. The game also supports multiple play styles allowing you to either sneak around the boarded ship or to run and gun your way through. Both ways are perfectly acceptable however if you choose to blast your way through the ships mutated inhabitants watch your ammo as its hard to come by early in the game.

The gunplay is very smooth and hit detection for the most part also seems on point. There is also quite a huge variety of different guns and explosives you can craft on board your ship. You start off with a basic pistol. But as you play and scrap for material you can craft other more unique weapons.

One downside to this game however, is the limited types of ships you can board. Once I got a couple of hours into the game I started noticeing that many of the ships were the same layout. This is helped by other things changing on the ships such as the types of enimeys you will enoucnter and the location of loot. As well as other obsticules like fires, oilspills, oxigen levels and so on. And all these variations did help to keep the game staying fresh. But I thought I would mention this none the less.

Another really cool feature for this game is if your character dies he is dead for good. But unlike many other games with permadeath, this game is a bit more forgiving to the player. Once you die you will lose all the loot you picked up while on the ship you died on. But everything else you collected will be on board your ship for the next lucky prisoner choosen to replace you. Each prisoner that you play as will also have certain traits given to them. For instance one character might have the trait smoker, which will make him cough and alert enimies to your possition. While another prisoner might have the trait sticky fingeers which auto picks up all loot.

The graphics for this game are a bit objective. If you like comic book style art, then you will most likely love the artwork in this game. Either way the graphices work very well, and I encountered no issues, glitches or wonky annimations while playing.

The game sounds and voice acting in this game are also done very well. At times it seems a bit limited exspecially with the in game music. But what the game does offer is done exceptionally well.

All in all, Void Bastards is an exceptionaly unqiue game. That shows that a 1st person shooter can be more than a run and gun game. My first playthrough took around 8 hours to complete this game. And with a huge varriation of gameplay and strategy I could see many doing a second or third playthrough.

If interested in this game you can purchase this game on Xbox, and PC starting May 29th. Void Bastards should be on Xbox Gamepass on launch.

Void Bastards Review

An excellent idea for a game done exceptionally well. However, some may wish to pass due to the games aesthetics or lackluster story.

Replay Value:

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